The Azed Experience

...of Frogman

Clue Words Competition Year 2013/2014

The competition clue words once again with the associated angst...

An ‘Overlaps’ wouldn’t have been my choice to close the current season, particularly with two rather unappealing words for which to provide clues.

Azed 2196




30a, Overlaps

A second successive four letter word, and another familiar one which looks as though it could have possibilities...

Azed 2191




2d, Normal

A short, familiar word which certainly ought to offer a wide range of cluing options.

Azed 2187




31a, Normal

A word that I can’t hear or see without my mind turning immediately to Clovis Sangrail, a leading figure in several of the short stories of Saki.

Azed 2183




16, Normal

It’s a nice length and is constructed in a way that offers mnay possibilities, so the difficulty here is going to be finding a good definition...

Azed 2178




10a, Normal

The dreaded Printer’s Devilry has reared its head again. But all one has to do is avoid the obvious and come up with something brilliant...

Azed 2174




14a, Printer’s Devilry

Back to normal with a word that has a very clear meaning and some definite possibilities...perhaps...

Azed 2170




8d, Normal

Happy Birthday, crossword! The challenge here will be to create two surface readings which both make sense.

Azed 2168




23a, Lost ‘C’ in clue

Following on from DESPERATE in 2,126, another competition clue word (or, in this instance, phrase) which is itself an anagram indicator.

Azed 2165




10a, Normal

This seems an interesting sort of word, and a nice length after three consecutive challenges of ten or more letters...

Azed 2161




17d, Normal

Another twelve letter solution, though this time a single word, the longest since ‘mistreatment’ (February 2012).

Azed 2157




4d, Normal

Two words this month, and not without promise. Surely anything’s got to be better than a customs union?

Azed 2152




1a, Normal

Crikey, that’s a challenging start to the competition year. The first task is going to be finding out exactly what it means...

Azed 2148




13d, Normal